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In the PEAK6 family, we strive to foster an environment where giving back is a fundamental part of the employee experience. We are committed to supporting the causes and nonprofit organizations our team cares about most, and we do so by matching any full-time employee’s charitable donations up to $1,000 per year and offering additional volunteer benefits. Let’s work together to maximize our impact and continue to better our communities—transforming “what is” into “what ought to be,” starting in our own backyards.

Pride Fund

Supporting and empowering LBGTQ youth

Support Pride Fund

Women's History Month Fund

Supporting Future Leaders

Support Women's History Month Fund

NFS Gives Back Fund

Supporting organizations that make positive changes in our local communities.

Support NFS Gives Back Fund

Books & Backpacks 2021 Fund

Help us continue to support our Books & Backpacks partner organizations as they continue to drive positive change in the lives of the students they serve.

Support Books & Backpacks 2021 Fund

PEAK6 ǀ Books & Backpacks 2022 Fund

Throughout July, the firm came together to help children in our communities gear up for the upcoming school year. This year, PEAK6 supplied 500 backpacks and PEAK6ers rallied together to fill them with over 7,000 essential school supplies for children in need. This phenomenal philanthropic initiative not only will help remove a financial burden for parents, but they will also allow students to focus on their education and to start the school year with confidence. This fund has been created to continue supporting our community partners.

Support PEAK6 ǀ Books & Backpacks 2022 Fund

#IstandwithUkraine Fund

Over the past 6 days Ukraine has been under attack from Russian president Vladimir Putin. If you aren’t familiar with Ukraine’s history, Ukraine has struggled for many years to live as a free and independent country. Many have chosen to #StandWithUkraine against its aggressor. Every day, Ukraine continues to prove how strong they are but supplies are running low. PEAK6, with the support of the PEAK6 DEI Council, would like to acknowledge that we support anyone from PEAK6 who has family struggling with the current humanitarian crisis. In support of this effort, PEAK6 has increased its employee match to 2:1 for all donations given this campaign during the month of March. If you have the means to do so, please think about donating to Razom below.

Support #IstandwithUkraine Fund

Hispanic Heritage Month Fund

Please help the DEI Council continuously celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by donating to these four amazing organizations dedicated to supporting the Hispanic youth throughout the country.

Support Hispanic Heritage Month Fund

PEAK6 ǀ Socktober 2021 Fund

As we wrap up Socktober and the epic throw-down that we witnessed, we want to thank everyone who participated. Socks are the most needed and least donated item in homeless shelters and our work this Socktober helped remedy that issue. Congrats on the accomplishment and thank you for the 9,536 pairs donated! This fund consists of all our Socktober 2021 partner orgs. Help us increase our impact by contributing a monetary gift to one or all orgs — we are incredibly grateful for your generosity!

Support PEAK6 ǀ Socktober 2021 Fund

Women Equality Day Fund

The PEAK6 DEI Council is thrilled to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of women in the United States winning the right to vote! On August 26, 1920, their goal was achieved with the 19th Amendment, women won the right to vote and hold public office. Women in public service and government have long served our nation by working to break down barriers, enforce laws, implement new ideas, and change people’s attitudes. Women’s Equality Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the many benefits of true equality and the role of women in our public life. That is why we are excited to partner with and donate to two non profits, “Feminist Majority Foundation & “Equality Now, Inc.”, that are dedicated to assisting women get full equality in all aspects. Both organizations specialize in supporting women bridge the pay gap, enhance feminist leadership, and increase the support of reproductive health rights.  We will be doing a week-long fundraiser for the two organizations. Remember that when donating in Bright funds make sure to select the company match option for PEAK6 to match it and increase the donation.

Support Women Equality Day Fund

Gaming for All Fund

Supports orgs that help create a diverse collective that positions our industry as the world-class sport that it is.

Support Gaming for All Fund